Introducing me.

Hello tumblr. folks,

This blog is gonna be my diary. The reason for it because for me, keeping a diary is beyond taking risks. I’m a girl who likes to enjoy her own privacy and so I’ll keep myself anonymous here. Some things you’d like to know about me, well at least the things that matter.

1. My parents mean the world to me. 

2. My brother is one of the people who supports me blindly and I love him for that.

3. I am a Directioner. I truly love One Direction. And since everyone has a favourite, mine’s Liam Payne. 

4. I live in the UAE.

5. My favourite colour is purple.

That’s all for now. :)

I really want to put a sign off, but then I don’t want to put my name here so I’ll put some random nickname.


LiLi xx